Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Final Project: Evaluation Control

"Evaluation and control is an essential part of the management process. It is also the final stage, establishing how effective the business' many strategies have been. By measuring performance, the evaluation and control step tells business owners important information." -

In order to pay attention to our success evaluation control is important. Beauty and the Bully can manage this by  observing how much outreach we have. "Strategic Evaluation is far more demanding than planning" - On Facebook business accounts it has an evaluation to look at and make sure you are staying on top of things. It does this by showing if your outreach is up or down, and how much attention you get a week or per post. Paying attention to which posts gain the most views, "likes" and attention, helps narrow down posting about what catches attention and appeals to people's interests. Facebook also lists the number of "likes" your page gets. It would be beneficial to have goals of how many like to get by the end of the month, week, etc.

Another way to monitor outreach is paying attention to many view the YouTube videos are getting. Hopefully the views would get up to the 100,000's if not the 1,000,000's. Posting these videos on our social media sites will help them to get more views.

The goal of the outreach would be to get to point where schools are calling to have us talk, instead of us calling schools. It would be great to have schools calling us to return to speak annually for their assemblies. Another hope is that celebrities and major companies will want to come on board.

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