Friday, September 14, 2012

EOC Week 10: Benifits VS Features

     Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between benifits and features that a compmay offers. For instance: a product can have the latest software, best quality materials, cool design... but how does in benefit the customer. Is it simplicity? Accebility? Money Saving? Time Saving? What are the benefits? Consumer-oriented marketing means that the company should view and organize its marketing activities from the consumer’s point of view. It should work hard to sense, serve, and satisfy the needs of a defined group of customers, both now and in the future." Most good marketing companies that all have some similar traits : passion for providing value to customers. Attempting to view the world through the customers’ eyes can help the company create and maintain a secure customer relationship.
     "According to the principle of customer-value marketing, the company should put most of its resources into customer-value-building marketing investments."  By creating value for consumers, the company can capture value from consumers in return.

"A principle of sustainable marketing that holds that a company should put most of its resources into customer-valuebuilding marketing investments. A benefit answers the question "What's in it for me?," meaning the feature provides the customer with something of value to them. So-and this is where most businesses go wrong-that must mean" -
    No one wants to waste their time or money on something that brings them no benefit. Most consumers are more than smart enough to realize this. A successful company and marketing team will realize this and make sure to have value and benefit in their service, or product.
    The benefits of Beauty and the Bully are mainly to help the victims of bullying in schools. Each school that the team of speakers reaches out to, will have a lower rate of bullying. This will not only benefit the victims, but it will also benefit the schools as a whole. The school will have a happier atmosphere, higher attendance rates, less drama, and less hurt feelings. It almost hard to find what is NOT beneficial of "Beauty and the Bully."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EOC Week 9: Three Great Mission Statments

"To be efficient in the raising of funds and resources to provide financial support primarily to the excellent existing charitable organization Patriot Outreach. This is a non for profit charitable organization that we will begin to support through our hopefully annual rides. Vets Ride will continuously evaluate other worthy charitable organizations that serve our military personnel and we will be flexible in shifting our financial support when applicable." -Kathryn Lynch
"To create awareness to show that we care by donating time, talent, and most of all LOVE!" -Petrina Magee
"To raise awareness by supporting needy organizations through a form of art." -Nico Poblete
Out of all the bloggers in the class, these are the three mission statements I founf to be the best. I like Kathryn's because it sounds well thought out and seems to have much potential. The second mission statement stood out to me because it has passion. It's easy to see that Petrina has a lot of heart in her organization. I like the third mission statement because it is easy to understand, it is simple, and to the point. all of these are well thought out and well done mission statements. I see these organizations having a ton of potential.

BOC Week 9: Top Hits

1. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

2. Payphone - Maroon 5 Featuring Wiz Khalifa

3. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye Featuring Kimbra

4. Wide Awake - Katy Perry

5. Lights - Ellie Goulding

The songs listed above are the Top 5 Summer Hits according to The reason these songs are so popular is not simply because people like them. So why do songs become popular? What makes a song become a hit. Of course it could be because the song gets played over and over on the radio, but that doesn’t necessarily make a song a hit. The songs get popular because they are memorable. They have catchy or memorable lyrics. These reasons cause the song to get stuck in a person’s head, therefore they start to want to hear the song and requests radios and DJ’s to play them. The reason these songs became top hits is because of the use of social media.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EOC Week 8: Creative Content

My creative content for Beauty and the Bully will be awareness bracelets. The bracelets will have anti bullying sayings not them such as "Words Hurt" “Sticks and stones hurt less” “Kind is beautiful” etc. The bracelets are a good promotion idea because both boys and girls will want to wear them. They will be a simple little reminder that people can carry with them to either remind them not bully, to stand up to bullies, or to not let words bring them down. These bracelets will be handed out at the assemblies held when the team goes to speak. 

On the inside of the bracelets it will have our logo and website. This is so it doesn't take away from the message on the bracelet but people will still know what the campaign is behind the message.

Awareness bracelets are very popular and most kids won’t have a problem wearing them. The bracelets could even be designed to have a few different looks and go for girls and guy instead of just a co ed looking bracelet. Maybe the girl’s bracelet could have more sparkle and beads and the guys could be more plain. Or we could stick to just having latex stretchy co ed bracelets. Either way I definitely think the reminder / awareness bracelets are a low cost, easy way to  encourage anti bullying.

Final Project: Evaluation Control

"Evaluation and control is an essential part of the management process. It is also the final stage, establishing how effective the business' many strategies have been. By measuring performance, the evaluation and control step tells business owners important information." -

In order to pay attention to our success evaluation control is important. Beauty and the Bully can manage this by  observing how much outreach we have. "Strategic Evaluation is far more demanding than planning" - On Facebook business accounts it has an evaluation to look at and make sure you are staying on top of things. It does this by showing if your outreach is up or down, and how much attention you get a week or per post. Paying attention to which posts gain the most views, "likes" and attention, helps narrow down posting about what catches attention and appeals to people's interests. Facebook also lists the number of "likes" your page gets. It would be beneficial to have goals of how many like to get by the end of the month, week, etc.

Another way to monitor outreach is paying attention to many view the YouTube videos are getting. Hopefully the views would get up to the 100,000's if not the 1,000,000's. Posting these videos on our social media sites will help them to get more views.

The goal of the outreach would be to get to point where schools are calling to have us talk, instead of us calling schools. It would be great to have schools calling us to return to speak annually for their assemblies. Another hope is that celebrities and major companies will want to come on board.

Final Project: Price

"Setting the right price is one of the marketer’s most difficult tasks. A host of factors come into play. But finding and implementing the right price strategy is critical to success." - Marketing Pg 5Price as far as money is not neccissarily a factor in a campaign. However, what out company does charge it's clients is their time. Schools have to agree to sacrifice their time out of the school day in order to hold the assembly where Beauty and the Bully can speak. Since it will be an event that can take up to an hour or more, it is important that the  schools realize and respect the importance of out cause. They have to feel that they are not wasting the time they allow us to take from their class time.

"Of all the aspects of the marketing mix, price is the one, which creates sales revenue - all the others are costs." -

My hope would be that most schools are more than willing to have out team come help with bullying in their school. There is not a doubt in my mind that bullying is a problem in every single school, not to mention the internet. If teachers and staff at the school are aware of this, they should know that teaching the effects of bullying and inspiring kids to stop it is a good cause.

Final Project: Promotion

To me, promotion is one of the most important parts of marketing. I could have a great campaign and team, but without promoting it, no one would have a clue what it is or what we do. These days social media is extremely important. One of the major things I want to focus on is sending posts about the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These sites are very important for companies now a days." Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it. " - Marketing pg 30.

In order to have a good handle on the social media, there will be multiple team members operating the pages. Posts need to be updated at least once a day. One is mandatory before 11:00. My goal would be more than one a day, but sometimes it can be hard to keep up. The posts will keep people updated with either anti-bullying quotes, updates on what the team is working on, pictures, and videos. We want to get the word on bullying out to everyone, not just the schools we speak to. Much of out target market is constantly on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube so these sites are a perfect way to reach out. Not to mention that a majority of cyber bullying happens directly through these sites. 

Another way we will promote Beauty and the Bully is with the "" (hypothetical) website. The website will also stay up to date with what the company is working on, or where we are speaking to next, etc. It will be a great idea to have a website in order to have something to refer people to when they ask about Beauty and the Bully.

A few more way I want to promote Beauty and the Bully is to have ads in magazines, on billboards, and on websites. The more people who know of Beauty and the Bully the better. Since this is a non-profit company, we thrive off of the awareness of our company, not sales.

"Promotion is the business of communicating with customers." -

Here is a letter from a school in Windsor, Colorado hypothetically approving my idea!