Friday, July 20, 2012

EOC Week 2: Video Game Industry

It’s almost unbelievable to think that the video game industry is struggling. "It's not just us, but the industry as a whole." Says that Wall Street Journal in Video games used to be all the rage of teenagers. I mean I personally couldn’t even drag some boys away from the controller long enough to take me on a date. I think for some the enjoyment and consistency of playing video games hasn’t changed. What has changed is the way they purchase their games. The need for consoles  is definitely fading. These days it is faster and easier to simply download the games off the internet. It honestly makes way more sense!
With the need for consoles fading, this definitely puts makers of xbox, play station, and Wii at risk. It is going to be hard for them to come up with a way to stay ahead of the times. I would say these companies are part of the cash cow category.
 "When the recession hit, you had this massive downdraft [and everyone] stopped buying Wii games. Then, you had the rise of the Apple, iPad, and smartphones and suddenly the casual business changed from a $35 business to a $1, $3, $5 business." -
A huge reason the industry is struggling is people these days are always on the go. The average person doesn’t have time to sit around and play video games stuck to a screen. Smart phones are something that is the major cause for the down fall of video games. “There’s no question, people are shifting time — and their money — to mobile.” - It’s much easier and more convenient to whip out your cell phone or ipad to play a game. You can use it anywhere, anytime, and any place. Now what video game can do that?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

EOC Week 1: Great Customer Service

Week one EOC: Great Customer Service

               This legion of loyal shoppers is largely a result of the store’s passionate approach to customer service. Rule #1: At Stew Leonard’s—The customer is always right. Rule #2: If the customer is ever wrong, reread rule #1! I don’t know what it is, but I have always had a place in my heart for Walgreens. I could list all the reason why I love Walgreens: It’s small, easy to navigate around, has great products. The only thing I can’t do in Walgreens is grocery shop; Although, I can easily run in and grab a gallon of milk or carton of eggs when needed. Needless to say, Walgreens has it made. I think – overall – the main quality I love about Walgreens is their great customer service. I’ve rarely ever had an experience in Walgreens where I have felt mistreated or displeased with their service. They are always kind, friendly, and extremely helpful. Although majorities of the Walgreens I shop in typically have friendly staff, there is one store in particular that makes me excited to shop their each time.

                About a block away from my school there is a Walgreens right on the corner. There is a lady that works there who makes me hope I go in during one of her shifts. She is always exceptionally kind and always has a smile on her face. She always has a story or a conversation starter at the register every time she rings me up. It’s not just me who she is like this with; I’ve seen her treat the customers before and after me in line with the same amount of respect. On Valentine’s Day of this year, I walked in to Walgreens to buy myself a box of Chocolates, a soda, and rent a Red Box movie. Yes… I was stood up. I walked up to the register and of course it was my favorite Walgreen’s lady. I was thrilled! She asked about my plans for the night, and I told her my pitiful dateless story. She actually showed some legitimate sympathy. She talked to me for a minute and told me a story of her daughter’s Valentine’s Day tragedy. It actually made me feel a lot better. She made me feel like she actually cared, and even helped me realize I wasn’t the only one who had it bad. "By creating superior customer value, the firm creates highly satisfied customers who stay loyal and buy more." (1 Marketing Creating and Capturing Customer Value (page 30 of 52 — printed page 21)

This is just one example of my good experiences at this store. I have a number of other stories where I have been pleased with the customer service. I believe a major part of customer service is caring for your customers - whatever their situation is. "Simply put, marketing is managing profitable customer relationships." (1 Marketing Creating and Capturing Customer Value: page 1 of 52 — printed page 3) This woman that works at Walgreens along with a number of other Walgreen’s staff members has always proven to me that they enjoy their jobs, and their customers. It will definitely be a store I continue to visit monthly.