Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EOC Week 8: Creative Content

My creative content for Beauty and the Bully will be awareness bracelets. The bracelets will have anti bullying sayings not them such as "Words Hurt" “Sticks and stones hurt less” “Kind is beautiful” etc. The bracelets are a good promotion idea because both boys and girls will want to wear them. They will be a simple little reminder that people can carry with them to either remind them not bully, to stand up to bullies, or to not let words bring them down. These bracelets will be handed out at the assemblies held when the team goes to speak. 

On the inside of the bracelets it will have our logo and website. This is so it doesn't take away from the message on the bracelet but people will still know what the campaign is behind the message.

Awareness bracelets are very popular and most kids won’t have a problem wearing them. The bracelets could even be designed to have a few different looks and go for girls and guy instead of just a co ed looking bracelet. Maybe the girl’s bracelet could have more sparkle and beads and the guys could be more plain. Or we could stick to just having latex stretchy co ed bracelets. Either way I definitely think the reminder / awareness bracelets are a low cost, easy way to  encourage anti bullying.

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