Wednesday, September 5, 2012

EOC Week 9: Three Great Mission Statments

"To be efficient in the raising of funds and resources to provide financial support primarily to the excellent existing charitable organization Patriot Outreach. This is a non for profit charitable organization that we will begin to support through our hopefully annual rides. Vets Ride will continuously evaluate other worthy charitable organizations that serve our military personnel and we will be flexible in shifting our financial support when applicable." -Kathryn Lynch
"To create awareness to show that we care by donating time, talent, and most of all LOVE!" -Petrina Magee
"To raise awareness by supporting needy organizations through a form of art." -Nico Poblete
Out of all the bloggers in the class, these are the three mission statements I founf to be the best. I like Kathryn's because it sounds well thought out and seems to have much potential. The second mission statement stood out to me because it has passion. It's easy to see that Petrina has a lot of heart in her organization. I like the third mission statement because it is easy to understand, it is simple, and to the point. all of these are well thought out and well done mission statements. I see these organizations having a ton of potential.

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